The Mission of Doorway Press

Doorway Press is the publishing imprint of independent author C. H. Cobb.



It is the mission of Doorway Press to publish well-written, exciting tales that captivate the reader on the strength of the story and characters alone. If you find a Doorway Press book hard to put down, we’ve done our job.

Along the way, we also want to provoke questions in the reader’s mind about life, death, meaning, purpose, faith, and postmodern myths of Western society, without bogging the story down in philosophical baggage. If you find yourself taking a second look at your most cherished beliefs after reading a Doorway Press story, we’ve done our job.



It is the mission of Doorway Press to publish well-written, interesting books and studies that properly represent the truths of the Bible as they have been understood since the Reformation. If you have gained a greater love and understanding of Jesus Christ, and a greater passion for the glory of God after reading a Doorway Press non-fiction, we’ve done our job.



Doorway Press will also handle other printed materials, such as notecards.We have some original pencil drawings that are in the process of being published.

We may also have a children’s book in the pipeline, if I can just convince the author that she’s got a great story (believe me, she does), and if she and her artist can produce the artwork to go along with it. Stay tuned.