Frequently Asked Questions

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Who processes your orders, and are they secure?

Paypal handles all our transactions. They are a world-wide company offering financial and merchant services, and they are very secure.

Secured by PayPal

Do you charge sales tax?

If your order ships to an Ohio address, we will add Ohio Sales tax to your order.

I can pick up my book from you. Do I have to pay shipping?

If you live in the Greenville area you are welcome to pick up your order to save on shipping. You will be reimbursed the shipping charge when you pick up your order.¬†We’ll contact you to set up a time for you to come by. However, you will have to pay Ohio Sales tax.

Do you charge extra for signing my book?

No. C. H. Cobb signs all the books that Doorway Press ships. If you do not want it signed, or if you want it signed with a personalized message, simply indicate your desires in the special instructions box at checkout.

What’s the turn-around time on shipping?

No more than 48 hours, unless we happen to be out of town. Once we deliver it to the Post Office, however, you are at their mercy.

Is any of my financial information kept on your website?

No. We don’t have access to any of your financial information. Paypal handles the entire transaction. The only information we see are the items you ordered, the amount you paid, and the shipping information. We never see your credit card number–ever.

Can I purchase your products on Amazon?

The books you may purchase on Amazon. The Pens of Twins cards are not available through any source other than the Doorway Press store. When you purchase the books here, you’ll usually pay less than you do on Amazon, and the author makes a much better profit. If you purchase on Amazon as opposed to a brick and mortar store, he still makes a decent profit. If you go to your local bookstore and order, for example, Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix, your bookstore will typically place their order through the Ingram Content Group. By the time the transaction gets back to C. H. Cobb, he makes only about 79 cents on a $14.95 book.

Do I have to set up a Paypal account?

No. You can check out as a guest, without creating a username or password. You’ll simply have to enter enough information for Paypal to charge your credit card, and enough information so that we will know where to ship your order.

Can I use my Paypal account to purchase items from your store, instead of a credit card?


What credit cards does Paypal process?

All major credit cards.

Can I purchase from your store with a check?

Certainly. Contact us using the form on the right side of the store page and let us know what you want to order. Be sure to provide the shipping address so we can calculate shipping. Within 24 hours we will respond by email with the invoice total (including tax and shipping), as well as the Doorway Press mailing address. When we receive your check, we’ll ship your order.

If you have any difficulty ordering a Doorway Press or Pens of Twins product, please use the contact form on the store page to let us know.

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